Flush Panel

Flush Panel Garage Doors

The flush panel design was made for those who know what they want, or more importantly, what they don’t want. With a modern look and a variety of insulation options, the flush door might be just what you need.

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Insulated overhead door CHI Model 2284
Double Sided Steel Polystyrene Insulated Door

2284 steel garage doors are unbelievably simple. But we also designed the garage door to be durable, efficient, and quiet for years of uninterrupted use. R-Value: 10.29

Super insulated garage door CHI Model 2217
Double Sided Steel Polyurethane Insulated Door

This insulated garage door just proves that sometimes the best things in life are simple. It incorporates everything you expect from an overhead door in style that’s right for you. R-Value: 17.54