Carriage House Stamped

Carriage House Stamped Garage Doors

C.H.I.’s Stamped Carriage House doors are perfect for those looking for a traditional style at an affordable price. These doors are available in a long and short stamp with a variety of window and hardware options. With a number of color choices and insulation R-values, we can find the perfect carriage house stamped overhead door to suit your needs.

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Uninsulated overhead doorCHI Model 5250/5950
Steel Uninsulated Door

With a classic carriage house style, these un-insulated garage doors offer a beautiful option for your detached garage or shed space at a very affordable price.  R-Value: 0.00

Insulated vinyl-backed door CHI Model 5251/5951
Steel Polystyrene Insulated Vinyl-Backed Door

With the look of a carriage house door and a basic polystyrene insulation, these affordable doors are an excellent insulated option for your home’s garage. R-Value: 7.94

Insulated overhead door CHI Model 5283/5983
Double Sided Steel Polystyrene Insulated Door

Our double sided steel doors are durable and energy efficiency. With a stamped face available in a variety of finishes and colors, this carraige house door is perfect for your home. R-Value: 9.65

Super insulated garage door CHI Model 5216/5916
Double Sided Steel Polyurethane Insulated Door

A double sided steel door with a high quality insulated core provides the ultimate protection from the harshest weather conditions. This model incorporates a thermally broken section design and a polyurethane foamed in place insulation for superior protection.  R-Value: 16.55.