Model 5300/5600

Model 5300/5600

Steel Insulated Carriage House Door 

barn overlay doorStrength and design come together to carefully craft our carriage garage door. Shaped from steel and embossed with a natural wood grain finish, this exceptional collection sets the stage for the rest of your home


  • 2″ thick CFC-free, polystyrene or polyurethane insulated base carriage garage door sections
  • 5300 comes with polystyrene insulation. R-Value: 10.29
  • 5600 comes with polyurethane insulation. R-Value: 17.54
  • Accent battens are laminated to the steel sections with high performance adhesives
  • Wood-grained steel interior, pre-finished in white
  • Square top standard; optional arched top
  • Faux windows are an option with the background color always being black and can be combined with all window section options
  • This carriage garage door offers the optional Appearance Package upgrade.

Available Colors

almond white sandstone 2-Tone Almond 2-Tone Sandstone
Almond White Sandstone  2-Tone Almond 2-Tone Sandstone

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Model 5300 R-Value: 10.3 Model 5600 R-Value: 17.54 ….